Client Feedback


“Great idea, all parents should do it”

“Excellent course, informative, lots of group work, varied presentation styles, time for questions”

“As a man I wasn’t sure how relevant this would be for me – but I quickly saw how vital it was that I came and learnt. So glad we did this – we feel so well prepared and informed – will recommend this class to others”

“Found this course really relevant and beneficial. Feel more confident now when our baby arrives in regard to what to expect and what to do”

“My partner and I were so impressed and came away feeling really well prepared and most importantly positive about breastfeeding and passionate about its importance in giving our baby a great start.”

“The tutors were really informative and approachable and made the course both interesting and fun”

“Very friendly and professional course”

“The practising with the dolls/teddies was a great idea and giving plenty of time to have a go was good”

“I often think back to the beginning of the Mama-Licious meeting when we were asked to introduce ourselves and say one reason why we wanted to breastfeed and wonder what I’d say now… I now think that there is nothing in the world like the feeling you get when… you look down and see your beautiful baby happily feeding from your breast and then they realise you’re watching them and they stop, come off, give you the biggest smile ever, then happily go back to their feeding. That’s the reason to breastfeed. I feel so lucky that I’ve had the chance to experience that.”



“Really valuable session – so pleased I came!”

“Really good that these group sessions are designed about what you need to know!  And that we ask the questions!”

“Great handout sheets and some good advice – very reassuring!”

“I just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you on Saturday for the breastfeeding class. We are SO pleased that we went along, and really felt they we got a lot of out the class and feel so much more confident with the idea breastfeeding. I wasn’t sure whether my husband would get much out of it, but he really enjoyed it too and got a lot out of it.
I was nervous about breastfeeding based on my mum’s experience with me, but I now realise that it was really a lack of education and support that lead her to stop breastfeeding earlier than she had wanted. She was amazed at how much we learnt, and how they offer these types of classes in NZ. I think every mother to be (and partner) needs to attend one of your classes. I will now be spreading the word at my AN class to make sure everyone attends a BF class.”

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